Caring for patients is at the core of who we are.

Envision’s clinician-led and multispecialty medical group is defining what it means to deliver safe, evidence-based care.


Patient Stories

Kristy Schwartz

an Arizona patient, delivered her baby, Tyler, 11 weeks early after a preeclampsia diagnosis.

When the doctor first came in and said we have to deliver today, the first thought was, ‘Is the baby going to be OK?’

Eric Stover

a New Jersey emergency medicine patient who experienced a massive heart attack while jogging.

I was lucky that Envision Healthcare and Dr. Khan happened to be on duty and abundantly prepared for me.





Throughout 2022, Envision clinicians provided safe and reliable high-quality care.


While treating complex medical conditions along patients’ care journeys, Envision clinicians have outperformed national quality benchmarks and set new standards for care:

2 new MIPS measures developed by the quality team in 2022

98.2% of patients received non-opioid pain management prior to anesthesia

99.9% of patients who came to the ED with low back pain or migraine received non-opioid pain therapy as the first line of treatment

97.8% of hospitalized patients received treatment to prevent blood clots

99.8% of patients who came to the ED with sepsis received orders for treatments shown to reduce mortality

90%+ of patients gave top scores for overall patient experience

98.7% of patients received clinically appropriate imaging in the ED

40% adenoma detection rate during colonoscopies, helping people prevent and detect colorectal cancer


Colorectal Cancer


Experience has taught Dr. Sundararajan that patient education and compassionate, quality care go a long way.

No one ever comes to the office saying, ‘Doc, I’m super excited to get my colonoscopy.’ But once you explain to them that a colonoscopy is one of the most effective modalities we have out there for preventing colon cancer … and you show them how effective it is with the data and statistics, it really helps reassure people.

Dr. Subha Sundararajan
Gastroenterologist at the Endoscopy Center of Red Bank